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How to Make Your Own Wreaths


The first method for making your own Christmas wreath begins by collecting the materials you will need from branches or twigs in your environment. Some great sources include pin, spruce, and other evergreen trees. While you're at it, pick up a few pinecones for decoration and be sure not to harm the trees from which you are collecting branches.

Once you find the materials for making your wreath you'll need some fairly sturdy wire t in order to shape the wreath and hold the branches and other materials in place. Once you have the wire, begin shaping the wreath. Once you have your form you can also use the wire in order to attach pinecones to the wreath or you may opt to use colorful ribbons in shades or red and green or some festive plaids. If you'd like to add a little more glitter, glitz, or color to your wreath, consider attaching some battery operated Christmas lights.

Another great way to make a Christmas wreath is by purchasing a pre made Styrofoam form from a chain store. You may then opt to attach any items you choose to the form with either pins or glue.

An easy way to achieve this is by using bright shiny Christmas balls. You only need to buy a few inexpensive balls then pin them to the already formed wreath. For a festive touch you can finish your wreath off with a nice shiny bow.

If you're looking for a popular twist on a traditional wreath, try using candy canes. You can pin, glue, or tape them to the wreath form in order to create a sunburst shape. You can also opt for popcorn to glue to the shape and decorate with green and/or red bows. These look particularly lovely against a backdrop of darker walls or doors.

If you're looking for a particularly inspired wreath, you should consider a wreath made by Martha Stewart that consisted of gumdrops. She accomplished this delightful wreath by pushing pins through the gumdrops in order to attach them to the Styrofoam. The sugary surface of the gumdrops provide the illusion of snow frosting the wreath.

You can easily attach your wreath to your front door by using a picture frame hook. Others opt to go rugged and traditional choosing a nail upon which to hang the wreath with the use of looped fishing line. You can also elect to use your wreath as a cleverly inspired and lovely holiday centerpiece.

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