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Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas


You could start the decorating off on the trendy foot by opting for an upside down Christmas tree. You did hear correctly these trees are widely available and are designed after a pagan tradition in which trees were nailed to the ceilings of home upside down. This works better with artificial trees rather than real trees, as artificial trees need a steady supply of water to their roots. Just be sure to hang the tree out of the way so that it doesn't invade 'head space' within the room.

Another great trend in Christmas decorating is to use ribbons rather than traditional balls and globes on your tree. There are so many options when it comes to using ribbons on your Christmas tree. You can opt for the multicolored or plaid ribbons in traditional Christmas colors or you can go with solid ribbons and use two contrasting colors on your tree (burgundy and gold works well) in traditional Christmas colors or going out on a limb and opting for colors that might not necessarily be considered Christmas colors. Of course some people are using ribbons in order to hang their balls and globes on the tree for another taste of something different.

If you are still looking for something new and innovative for your Christmas tree trying putting something other than a star or an angel on top of your tree. Some great ideas for this would be Barbie dolls, floral bouquets, even Teddy bears. Use your imagination and choose something that reflects your family and personal style.

Yes another wonderful Christmas tree decorating idea, and perhaps my personal favorite, is to make your tree look as natural as possibly by using pine cones, fruits, nuts, and natural looking birds, animals, and plants, rather than the traditional tinsel, balls, and blinking lights.

Unless you are aiming for a retro looking tree, go with smaller bulbs rather than larger bulbs for your lights. Many people are also opting for one color or white bulbs rather than the traditional multi colored strings of lights. Of course, the choice is entirely a matter of preference and you should go with lights and decorations that are sentimental and indicative of the Christmas season for you.

If you want your tree to be a throwback to the disco days of the seventies, then you should consider one of the artificial white Christmas trees. These trees are indeed quite retro and for some are an absolutely fun way to celebrate their favorite holiday.

Another great thing to remember about Christmas decorating is that it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of discount outlets online from which you can purchase your ornaments and decorations. You should also take a moment or two in which to stroll the aisles of your local dollar store to see the decorating gems they sometimes have to offer.

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