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Christmas Party Games


Every Christmas happening that involves the whole family is worth celebrating. And speaking of celebrations, the celebration that is most celebrated is, of course, the Christmas party.

Christmas parties have so much fun that you just can't stop smiling. However, Christmas parties without games are sure to have artificial smiles plastered on your guests' faces. Therefore, when you are planning for a Christmas party, make sure that you have a set of games lined up under your sleeve.

Setting up Christmas games are not so difficult, you just have to think wisely and consider the numerous factors that can make your Christmas games fun and exciting.

The Rudolph Dash is a fun game to play. You just need to cut out circles out of a red construction paper and any brand of body lotion. Playing it is not so hard as well, just have the players apply lotion on their noses and put the red cut out circles on them.

The game is a relay race to the finish line, and every time the player comes back to the team, a new red dot is added to the nose. If the nose falls to the ground, the player has to go back and apply more lotion, and then put the nose back.

Another game is the Santa Says. It is the same with playing Simon Says, only that Simon is not the one giving out the commands, but Santa.

Fill The Christmas Stocking is also a fun game to play. Each team would need a stocking, a spoon, a bowl, and wrapped candy. The members of each team must be lined up and at the other end; a Christmas stocking should be hung. On the other hand, at the front portion of the line, a bowl of candy and a spoon must be placed.

Each player takes a turn in removing candy from the bowl with a spoon, and then carries the candy to the stocking, only by using the spoon. The first team to fill the stocking is declared the winner.

There are other Christmas games that are worth playing for your Children. However, you have to be choosy in planning the said games for not all games are considered fun for your kids. Some games can be too tiring, and some are require too much thinking. Christmas party games just need to be moderate, not too fun and not too serious at the same time.

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