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Christmas Craft Projects


You need:
1. Stiff paper - card stock or thin cardboard
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. Glue
5. Crayons/markers or shiny paper
6. Short string

What to do - Draw a star on stiff paper, and cut it out with scissors. Make a copy. Decorate the two stars with colors or with shiny paper. On one star, cut a slit from any inner corner to the centre point. On the other star, cut a slit from an outer corner to the centre point. Join stars together through the slits and fix with a little glue or tape. Loop string, and glue it onto any outer corner, and hang.

Project 2: Jingle Bell Ornaments

You need:
1. Jingle bells
2. Heavy gauge wire
3. Wire cutters
4. Decorative ribbon

What to do - Cut about 8" of the wire. Cover 7" of wire with bells. Twist the wire ends tight together. At the top centre of the bell ornament, tie a ribbon bow. With the bow's loose ends, make a loop hanger for ornament.

Project 3: Santa Hat

You need:
1. Red construction paper - large size
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. Hole punch
5. Stapler
6. Red crayon, marker
7. Paper scrap - black, pink, yellow
8. Cotton balls, strips
9. Glue

What to do - Draw a half circle on construction paper, and cut it. Twirl it into the shape of a cone. Staple in place. Make Santa's face by cutting out a pink paper circle and gluing it onto the upper part of cone. Cut and glue a black paper strip on the lower part of the cone as the belt. Cut and glue a small yellow paper rectangle as a belt buckle. Glue a cotton ball atop the cone, and some around the cone, just above the face, to make Santa's hat. For beard, glue cotton strips around the face. Punch out and glue two tiny black paper circles for eyes. Draw a smiley mouth.

Project 4: Snowman Card

You need:
1. Construction paper or card stock
2. Thick white paper
3. Paper scrap - black, orange, red
4. Scissors
5. Glue
6. Hole punch
7. Pipe cleaner or two twist ties
8. Markers or crayons
9. Salt (optional)

What to do - Fold a piece of construction paper or card stock in half. Tear out three white paper circles for the snowman's head and body. Glue circles onto the front fold. Glue pipe cleaner or twist ties under the centre circle as snowman's arms. Punch out two tiny black paper circle eyes. Cut out a tiny red mouth, a small, orange carrot-shaped nose and a small, cone-shaped black paper hat and glue onto the snowman's head. Write a Christmas message and give to family and friends.

Tip: Thinly glue the white area of the snowman, working carefully around the other stuck-on parts. Sprinkle salt and let it set - it'll look like snow!

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