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Christmas Activities For Kids


Write A Letter To Santa
Writing a letter to Santa is a lot of fun. Ask younger kids what they would like to tell Santa and then have them draw or color a special picture for him to include with the letter you are writing for them. School aged kids can write their own letter and of course include a picture for Santa as well. Put the letter and picture in an envelope, and stick it in the mailbox. Just take it back out before the mailman gets there.

Of course your kids should receive a response from Santa. You can write your own on some holiday paper, or use one of the many Santa letter services out there. Here's one I have used in the past and have been very happy with: www.kinderinfo.com/santa-letter.htm

Write Christmas Cards
You don't have to be the only one writing Christmas cards to friends and family members. Get the kids involved in writing and even making the cards. All you need is some construction paper and some markers or crayons. You can even have them add some colorful Christmas stickers. Everyone will love getting these handmade cards from the kids.

Christmas Party
Let your kids throw their own Christmas party. This doesn't have to be complicated. Just have your child invite a few of his or her closest friends one afternoon in December. Serve some cookies and hot chocolate and play some Christmas music. You could even make a simple craft with the kids that they can take back home with them.

Pick A Christmas Tree
Take the kids with you to pick a Christmas tree. You can go to one of the many Christmas tree lots and let the kids help you pick out the perfect tree. Or you can even go out and cut your own tree. Many state forests have special areas that are grown just for Christmas trees and you can go out and cut your own. Of course there are also commercial tree lots that will let you do the same. Get everyone together and enjoy a winter afternoon of stomping through the woods finding the tree that's just right for you.

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