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The 9 Prohibited Items You Can't Sell


Ebay is the world's largest marketplace with hundreds of item of all sorts and varieties being sold each day. However, there are some items that are prohibited from selling on ebay.

Please note selling these prohibited items on ebay can lead to your ebay account being terminated. In the worst case, you may face criminal charges. So here are the 9 items :

1. No wildlife animals, pets are allowed to be sold on ebay. This is really due to animal conservation laws and offenders may face prosecution.

2. No fake or counterfeit currencies may be sold on ebay

3. Any kind of downloadable media. This usually refers to any video, software and any digital media items. There are exceptions in this case which is if you hold the copyright or the sole owner of the item. All others are in violation of the ebay vero program. Do note, you may be asked by ebay to verify your copyright ownership, trademark etc if you sell it on ebay

4. School Related Software. This means any school related software that is being sold at a reduced pricing to student and researchers.

5. This is similar to point 3 except it deals with copyright, trademark etc. Examples include brand names of popular consumer products. Beta software, CD, VCD and DVD material in which there is no proof of authenticity.

6. Prohibited Goods from other countries cannot be sold on ebay

7. Names, faces, signatures of people without their proper permission

8. Obviously, you can't sell any kind of weapons or ammunition on ebay

9. You can't sell any government documents or personal documents such as identification card, passport, car license etc.

By knowing the above 9 list of prohibited items on ebay, make sure you do not list any of these items for sale on ebay.

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