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eBay is a great way for anyone looking to delve into online business, and there are many people who have recognized this opportunity and as a consequence spend a great deal of time figuring out which items sell the best on eBay. Many of these people have systems in place that determine top selling products and others purchase courses that teach them how to find this information as well. However, one of the best resources for finding out about products that are popular is on eBay itself!

One of the ways in which eBay helps me find a product that could potentially do very well, is by simply browsing through categories that i'm interested in. Whilst doing this I can then uncover items that are attracting a lot of bids. But how do I know this? Simple. Next to any item that has received over 30 bids is a label saying 'hot'. This suggests that the item is widely sought after. Spend some time searching around eBay and you can soon find some real gems and some great niches.

Many power sellers however will agree that it is not as simple as solely doing this. Also, search for items by researching auctions that have been successful previously. This can be done on eBay at listings.ebay.com. Another way to determine best selling items is by using the 'eBay Marketplace Research'. This allows you to view important statistical information on eBay buying trends, and contains a huge amount of information to help you discover whether an item will perform well or poor at auction. The eBay Marketplace Research does require a small fee to use though.

One of the most obvious tools that can be used to find popular items is by viewing the listings of popular eBay search terms at popular.ebay.com. Divided into categories, this list shows how popular an item you are considering selling might be.

It is important to do your research before going ahead with your auctions. You could be surprised in what you find may sell well. Some of the most unlikely items are sometimes the most popular, yet items that you would think would sell like hot cakes sometimes fail to realize a single bid.

After doing extensive research, my favorite location and a top tip for anyone looking into selling on eBay is to register for eBay wholesale offers. Thousands of wholesalers are listed with some amazing deals that should not be missed by any serious eBayer.






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